Aug 16, 2010

Bento #214 - Tuna Pocket Sammies

Do you know what is the biggest reward I got from bento blogging? It's ENCOURAGEMENT which I need it so much. From who the encouragement? From a gang of bento mamas. No matter how bad-looking is your bento, without stingy, they give you sweet words and you have no reason to stop bento-ing. THANKS BENTO MAMAS!! Thanks for your lovely comments, they do make move on.

Today bento, the protagonist is again the chuncky sausage, I wanted to turn it into a panda. Panda used to be one of my favourite character to fix as it is pretty easy. I so confidence with myself, therefore I fixed the panda without refering to anything (normally I will refer to food picks). Here is the result I got. I think I forgot how panda should look like, the panda end up looks like mice.... kekekekeke.... (~.~)


Lia Chen said...

So cute! Our bento world is full of nice and very supportive persons. Always glad to be in our bento community :)

Vanessa said...

@Lia: Raise both my hands and legs to agree. I am gld to be part of the bento community, it's full of loves and cares....


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