Aug 6, 2010

Bento #211 - Tottemo Daisuki, DORAEMON

Time passed without realizing, it's Friday again. This weekend I will again busy sending Isaac up and down for his final dance show rehearsal.

Back to bento today, probably you will ask me what is "tottemo daisuki", yeah, it's "I LOVE U VERY MUCH, DORAEMON". Doraemon used to be my best-loved childhood comic and cartoon show. Hmm... I think it's time for me to teach Isaac how to read this interesting comic. I love the Doraemon song, but only know how to sing the chorus part. Wanna recall the days of childhood? Here, you can find the Doraemon song with original and translated lyric.

This Doraemon is completely made from Japanese light cheese cake. The nose and bell is from seapack. In the box we have South Africa orange. Wonder the fruit stall uncle make mistake as the size and colour orange looks like grapefruit, just that it is not so sour.

~~ Enjoy and have a relaxing weekend!! ~~


Angeleyes said...

Very nice looking Doraemon!
I bought the puncher set and I wonder when I'll use it!
Have a nice weekend!

tona-mama said...

Wow! So nice!! Did u cut the nori free hand? Very well cut! :)

Love your Doraemon!

Emily Ng said...

Hi Vanessa, I noticed that you have linked up your blog with mine...many thanks. :D
Doraemon used to be my best-loved childhood comic too, and my sons love them now too...hahahha. I bought the red oranges too, they are sweet, look like blood oranges. :)

Vanessa said...

@Angeleyes: Thanks. You have the puncher, it would be very handy for fixing Doraemon.

@tona-mama: Thanks. The whiskers I cut free hands the rest are from shoe puncher.

@Emily: First time I heard of blood orange, that's why put the blam to fruit stall uncle.... **shy**


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