Oct 29, 2009

Bento #106 - Halloween ~~

Promised Isaac to fix him another Halloween Bento with pumpkin & witch. Since tomorrow I will be busy helping my sis to prepare sandwich for her kids on "Children Day", so I choose to fix it today. As usual, the cheese & nori, I prepared last night while Isaac was practising piano, so I can enjoy cutting with good music played... kekekek (^_^)

Everything work perfectly fine but not the witch & pumpkin. I have high expectation on the outcome, again I am disappointed. You can't see witch right? I put the witch I cut out from nori on carrot, thought of using carrot as the base, then I can make the witch flying. This morning when have a look at the witch, ohh gosh... the nori can't stick well on carrot, it curled up. Same thing goes to the pumpkin (T_T)...

This set of exquisite accessory - "Fungo ~ Night Glow Jibbitz" I got it from online store to put on my boy's crocs shoe and hand band. It is selling at very cheap price, so I thought it must be with low quality. My boy choosen this set as it is the only set which can grow in the dark.

When I got the parcel, it really surprised me, I can't believe the handwork is so delicate. Isaac like this "Transportation Jibbits" too. Since it is selling at cheap price with good quality, I purchased a set for him too (~_~).

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~Rachel Hei~ said...

This Halloween bento looks cute to me..^_^
Those accessories you bought are superb cute..haha..


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