Jul 18, 2009

Sports Day

Every morning, other than preparing bento for Isaac, I have to come out an interesting conversation between myself to attract Isaac's attention, so that he can get up from the bed. But some special day, I do not need to do so, such as today, a day which he has been looking forward long time ago -- SPORTS DAY.

This is Isaac's 1st sports day, that's why he was extremly excited. We set out at 8am although the program will start at 9am. Unfortunately Papa cannot share Isaac's excitement as he need to work. The program was held in indoor stadium at Titiwangsa Lake.

We have plenty of time to walk around Tasik Titiwangsa. Lots of people jogging there as the air is really fresh. There was a film shooting going on and that area was surrounded by people (included Isaac & I ^o^).

The moment we stepped into the stadium, Isaac's excitement like boiling all over his body. He jumped non-stop. Although it is just a kindergarten sports day, but the preparation is not sloppy at all. Everything is well organized. The teachers really did a good job on that. The whole view is so glorious. Red, Blue and Yellow.... He started to calm down after sending him to children section.

The program started at 9:30am and ended at 11:30am. Isaac's team got 2nd prize. He shown me his trophy with proud. FYI, all children get a trophy as an encouragement. Overall, Yellow house was the champion.

Again, we walked along the lake, saw people ridding seaboat (I don't know the exact name of the boat, is like bicycle, with paddle). To make Isaac's day great, we went for a ride too...

To have a wonderful ending, we stopped at KFC to meet up with Papa for lunch. Guess what, he finished a "dinner plate" set meal (with 3 pieces of chicken)... too hungry I guess, used up too much energy just now... (^_^). It is really an unforgetable day for both of us. We really have great time.

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serene said...

what a wonderful and sweet family outing ! ;)


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