Jul 21, 2009

Bento #47 - Little Biddy

Simply drop by 100 Yen Kuchai Lama yesterday night to check out any new arrival bento tools. Saw this bread cutter, quickly grabbed two packs without consideration (one pack for auntie Serene).

This morning I was very excited to try the cutter out. I chose rabbit cutter and planned to toast it. After got the rabbit cut out, I imprint the rabbit face on a wholemeal bread. Guess what, the face totally cannot be seen. I tried 2nd attempt, this time I pressed harder but still can't see anything. No choice, imprint the face on cheese, but this time I used biddy instead of rabbit because I want to reserve it for next try. Will definately try on white bread next time...kekeke

Only one slice of cheese left, can make two biddy. But one of it spoiled because pressed to hard... kekeke... Left one lonely biddy... sop..sop... No worry, I invited chicken family to accompany her(such a good idea :P).

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