Jun 8, 2009

Trip to Tanjung Sepat

Last Saturday was Birthday of SPB Yang di-Pertuan Agong, we have one day trip to Tanjung Sepat. This place is quite far from KL, it's about 1.5 hours drive. That place is famous with seafood Bakuteh and sold out very fast. To avoid disappointment, we set out at around 7:15am, just like working day (*_0).

Once we have our car parked at Auntie Amanda's colleague's (Ms. Ho) house, we went for the seafood bakuteh. There are two restaurant selling this dish, one visited by '阿贤' and the other one visited by '阿鸿'. We tried the 2nd one. According to Ms. Ho, both have thier own specialities. Maybe they over described it and I also put high expectation, so I am a bit disappointed. But overall, the taste is OK. If got chance, we will try the 1st restaurant.

Before we proceed to Ganoderma Lucidum farm (灵芝), we have a cup of coffee, pau and fish ball. Tg Sepat 'Pau' is well-known, that restaurant visited by Hong Kong famous eater- Tou Tou. We placed order after eating the 'Meat Pau','Mui Choy Pau' and 'Red Bean Pau'. The order queue was too long, we need to wait until 7pm, fortunately Ms. Ho can collect for us. Nothing much at Ganoderma Lucidum farm, but I still snap few photos of several types of 'mushroom'.

After GL farm, we went to a fishing village to get some fresh and cheap seafood. Some of us didn't buy any, so we have a walk behind people's house. It's Isaac first time visiting place like this, althought Sabak Bernam is also near to harbor. Lots of fishing boat anchor beside the old bridge and you can see plenty of colourful crabs, big and small, crawling on the mud.

Our next destination was Longan farm. Unfortunately the timing is not right, all longan sold out and new batch on longan was still on the way. So we didn't stop long there, just walked into around to see longan tree. Plucking longan is strictly prohibited.

Final destination was seafood lunch. While waiting for vacant table, Isaac and I have a walked at the jetty. The jetty is quite long, Isaac insisted to walk to the end. Few Malay people were fishing.

The trip is really tiring as we walked alot under the hot sun, but it is a nice outing.





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