Jun 29, 2009

Bento #36 - Mini Pizza

I saw this blog ~温馨小厨~ when I was voting shoppingmum at Singapore Blog Awards. I browsed through and found that her ideas are quite good, bread but with different preparation method.

I decided to give a try on the mini pizza. I doubt that the pizza will taste nice if I put some green beans, carrot cubes and corns, so decided to give a try first before I proceed with Isaac's bento. The appearance is nice, but it doesn't taste good. I know my prince won't like it, so for his mini pizza, I only put cheese and seapack, then decorate with the new Disney picks which I just bought yesterday.

I have meeting every Monday with Brisbane office, have to reach office before 8:30. So didn't have chance to ask Isaac whether he likes today's bento. Just gave him a called, he said the mini pizza does not look like pizza, more like cookies as there is no mayonnaise and tomato source on top. Such a good comment, didn't think of it, will give a try one day.


serene said...

ya your boy is right, it won't taste like pizza without the tomato sauce and mayonese ;)

瑞玲の点点滴滴 said...

Yup, totally forget about that... (>_<)


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