May 6, 2009

Bento #15 - Going on a Picnic

Isaac requested "mi kicap" yesterday, I am more than willing to fulfill his small request, as I can also bring some to office. But the main reason is, I can't wait to use my new tools, which I just got it from Bento Market - leave picks, duck family picks and also "Pikachu" bento box. I love all these picks, it really makes bento-ing much more easier and much more attractive.

Why "Going on a Picnic"? Simply give a name to this bento? Yes, you are right, can't think of a suitable name. With the duck family on the grass, along with sausage & fishball, is like papa & mummy duck bring their kids for a picnic. Hehe....

Unfortunately my boy told me that he could not manage to finish the "kon low mee" because teacher gave too little time (luckily not because the mee does not taste good.. hehe). He did not finish the fish ball either, he told me he want to keep the nice one behind (means fish ball taste better than my "kon low mee" ... sob... sob).

Isaac's classmates like the Pikachu (worth the price then :P). But the strip is too tight, he got help from teacher.

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