Jul 5, 2010

Bento #198 - A Married Couple from Pond

Went RT Cake House to buy chiffon cake yesterday noon after Isaac's dance performance at MIECC The Mines. Well, all the chiffon cakes were completely sold out. I can't go home empty-handed as the journey to Taman Desa took me about 20 minutes for a round trip. Isaac picked a pandan layer cake from the fridge.

I cut a small thin piece of the pandan layer cake for Isaac last night and he loves it so much, asked me to give him a bigger slice today. Tell you quietly, my boy first time eat pandan layer cake...kekekeke... Green, what can I do with the green layer? Froggie is the best, simple and quick. I cut out the top layer of the pandan cake, use a bear shape cutter to cut two frogs. I packed some golden kiwi into the bento box too. This expensive fruit, now selling in market at price of four for RM10 (!_!)


tatabonita said...

Who can resist from pandan layer? :D. Yoohoo, I love your cute froggies. Oya, before I forgot again, may I put your link on my blogroll? Thanks :D

Vanessa said...

@tatabonita: Of course you may. It would be my pleasure to see my blog appears on your blogroll. TQ tata (^.^)


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