Jun 28, 2010

Bento #196 - White Mouse and Sausage Mouse

I bought a triangular sandwich cutter recently, can't wait to give a try to see is the cutter as handy as my square sandwich cutter. Well, after a try, the answer is "YES", it's a good sandwich tool. In fact, I think it is better than the square cutter as everything (seal and cut) is only one press. The square cutter you have to seal the bread first, then use the outter square to cut it.

Probably you have no idea which type of sandwich cutter I am mentioning. No worry, very soon I will prepare egg sandwich for my boy, I will snap photos on how to use the two cutters so that you have clearer picture. Stay tune yeah!!

Back to bento today, triangular sandwich, what can I fix other then fox? Oh yes, why not a mouse? But only bread is too plain, so I fix a sausage mouse too.... No fruit today as I haven't restock my fridge. (~.~)


Angeleyes said...

I did a lil' mousie for one of my last week bentos too...

Vanessa said...

@Angeleyes: Oh yeah, your mousie looks better, more real. Mine is cartoon version... kekeke


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