Apr 14, 2009

Bento #2

Talk about this bento, I really disappointed with it. This is not the expected result (>_<). I woke up quite early on Tuesday, thinking of fring pin noodle for my two handsome. I spent more than half an hour in the kitchen, and the pin noodle doesn't taste good at all. My baked sausage, doesnt look like penguin also. I have 15min more, I need to come out another design. Without further await, I took out my bento tools and the balance sponge cake. I need to cook the sausage instead of bake it. Still, the penguin doesn't look like penguin. Probably caused by the sausage. I should use the other type of sausage.

I felt so disappointed. I told my boy:

Mummy: I am so sorry, the bento doesnt look nice at all. I intent to fry you pin noodle, but it wasn't taste good.
Isaac: Doesn't matter mummy, I think the bento is very nice.
Mummy: Thanks baby, with your encouragement, I think I can do it better next time (hug him).

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