Nov 7, 2008

Chicken Pox

Little boy friend's 4th birthday is around the corner, will ordering jelly cake for him to celebrate at Little Lighthouse. He was vacillating whether to choose Mario or Pikachiu. Pikachiu still hes favourate.

Today, thought of placing order, but since he keeps changing mind, so is better to order tonight after double confirm with him.

As usual, went and fetch him at Mrs.Ngo house. She asked me to check on the red spot on Isaac's body.... Oh my god... things just happened coincidently... he got chicken pox :( As we know, chicken pox takes at least a week to recover, by the time, school holiday starts, how to celebrate for him at kindi? And I have all the party pack ready. He will definately disappointed, but I am 100 times more disappointed than him. I want all the children to pray for him and sing him birthday song during assembly, I want him to give the party pack himself... in short, I just want to give him a sweet memory before leaving the kindi, as he will no longer study in that kindi.

Yes, Doctor, I want to bring him to doctor, see can help to faster the recovering. It is almost 9pm, the pediatric close at 9:30pm. I called to the clinic, asked to wait for me, then drove all the way from Ampang to Sri Petaling. Reached there 5min before they pull down the grill (^_^).

It's too late for injection, what the doctor can do is, gives him medicine to reduce ichiness and as i wish, faster the process. According to doctor, it will takes about 5 days to recover... i think should be able to meet up his friends before school holiday starts... Yippie...

Thank god, Isaac's chicken pox is not that much, and it really dried up very fast, about 2 days. People said, when it starts to dry, it would be the most suffering, it's gonna be extremly itchy... What people say is true, he couldn't sleep for the whole 2nd night. Keep telling me very itchy, asked to scratch for him without breaking his chicken pox... pity boy...

After that night, everything seems OK. Isaac handled it quite well, not making much noice or keep crying... good job :)

Here are some photo of his chicken pox after x day...

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