Jul 3, 2008

My little cute cute .......

Isaac, a very nice Christian name given by Siau Pei Yi Yi. Jer Ee is his name, we took quite some time to come out this name. A pretty big November baby (3.85kg) with small eyes like Japanese. He grew his first two teeth when he was 5 months old. Started his first step when he was about eleven months and could slowly walk after 1 year old. If you ask me when he starts to talk, unfortunately I could not remember. I just know that he called "Mummy" first and not "Daddy"... Yippee....I could not remember when he started to talk, but I knew I started sending him to music class (Yamaha Music Kids) when he was 2 years 4 months old. At that time, he already can sing and can follow instructions. He is the youngest student among all. People asked me, how you know he has interest on music. Honestly, I don’t know. Isaac requested many times, he wanted to go kindergarten, and I really unable to make arrangement on that due to my job require me to travel and I think it’s too young to go kindergarten at the age of 2. To fulfill his needs, I registered him for the music course which held once a week.

Time passed without realizing. Isaac is now a 4 years old boy. He is now a student of Little Lighthouse. Commented by principle (his English teacher), Isaac is a very attentive student, can pick up quite well in her class. Class assistant auntie says he is very talkative. She enjoys chatting with him after school while waiting for Auntie Fei Ma (transporter). Really thankful to god for bringing this wonderful child into my life. He is my everything. He accompanies me when his daddy not in town; we talk everything; we share our happiness and sadness…

My life is joyful and splendid with the present of these child … I LOVE YOU

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