Jul 30, 2010

Bento #208 - An Awkward Pingu

It's my first time wrapping up quail egg with nori, thought it would be perfect to make it like Pingu. But this Pingu really disappoint me, the ugliest Pingu I have ever seen (v_v).

Thank god it's Friday, my schedule for this weekend is packed, hopefully I don't get exhausted on Monday (^.^) HAVE A NICE & RELAXING WEEKEND EVERYONE!

Jul 29, 2010

Bento #207 - Polar Bear and Friend

Seems like quite some time didn't fix Isaac a more refined bento, most of the time a quick one. Today I fixed a polar bear and its friend, brown bear. It's quite simply though, but at least it's more kawaii (^.*). I used the crown pick to hold the bears so that they don't move around when the bag swings.

Update: Added this to What’s For Lunch Wednesday, Week 10 fun.

Jul 22, 2010

Bento #206 - Siew Mai Dim Sum

This morning I have to send my family (6 of them) to train station, they are going to Bangkok for holiday. How nice if I could also join them. I don't have time to prepare cute bento, therefore just bought some dim sum from restaurant.

These three little "Siew Mai" cost me RM3, it's really expensive and worst thing was, Isaac forgot I packed him bento until dinner time, when I asked him whether the dim sum is nice, then only he remember that... (t_t) He told me he saw the bento box in his bag before snack time, but he simply forgot about it after that.... **speechless**

Jul 19, 2010

A Golden Experience....

Isaac’s dancing studio, Living Arts in Giant Puchong Kinrara was invited to perform few dances and catwalk for Anaku Final Singing Competition at Cineleisure Damansara yesterday. This is Isaac first time participated in fashion show and he seemed enjoying the show very much.

The event organizer taught the kids how to catwalk and have three rounds of rehealsal before the show.

Isaac was explaining to his partner where to walk during the show.

These are the makeup sets and accessories for the little models.

Isaac's first and final look. Isn't he cool? He is very satisfied with this makeover as he looks like Micheal Jackson'.

This is Isaac's second look. I love this style, it's rugged and like back to 70's. However, Isaac didn't like it. To make him happy, they gave him the hat.

Hair stylist was doing hair do for the performers.

A group photos with the event organizers.

P/S: Some photos available in Living Arts website

Bento #205 - Sweet Candy

Hope everyone has a nice and relaxing weekend. Today I again packed something simple, still in Monday blur… I cut a slice of Japanese Light Cheese Cake into the bento box, cooked two sausages and decorate it into lovely candy then tied the two ends with red part of seapack. Fruit of the day is golden kiwi, it was cut into flower shape (my favorite shape) again.

Jul 16, 2010

Bento #204 - Cheesy Chicken Floss

Another new recipe from me. Hehehe, it’s a random recipe, just to get rid of the cheese from my fridge. I spread a layer of nutella cocoa spread on the bread, put some chicken floss, then lay some cheese on the top. Toast it in oven until the cheese melted. I toast it for too long, hence the chicken floss was lightly swinge. But taste wise not that bad. I told Isaac, before I put the bread into oven, it is Chinese. I want to turn it into Malay but end up I got Indian (t_t). Isaac laugh...

Jul 15, 2010

Bento #203 - FIFA Mascot 2010

FIFA World Cup ended on Monday. No matter you are a football fan or not, you sure knew that Spain has won 19th FIFA World Cup of football after defeated Netherlands by one goal as predicted Paul the Psychic Octopus from Germany. Spain was awarded as the world champion, 1st time in their history. I fixed a FIFA mascot today. Let’s wait another four years for a new mascot to be born.

Jul 14, 2010

Bento #202 - Egg Tart Bento

Yesterday I prepared some egg tarts and fruits to serve the two special guests – Teacher Soo San, Isaac’s class teacher and Teacher Abe, PowerKids teacher. They paid us a home visit last night. They are so courteous, only ate one tart after I asked for many times.

Today bento is just a quick one. I packed a tart for Isaac without decorating it, then cut some dragon fruits into flower shape.

Jul 12, 2010

~~ Crazy For Fruits ~~

I am crazy for fruits recently, this is my first time having so many types of fruits in my refrigerator. Among all, I love orange most. As long as the fruit stall uncle tell me the orange is very sweet, imported from XXX, then I will buy without considering the price. But sometimes the uncle is "dishonest" (maybe he didn't try the fruit before he said it is sweet), just like the little orange, it is sour actually (>.<)!!! I bought it a week ago, but I still have it in my fridge, just imagine.......

Bento #201 - Egg Dumpling

In my previous White Mouse and Sausage Mouse Bento post, I promised to show you what kind of sandwich cutter I use to prepare the triangular sandwich. I carried out my promise but I think it would be good if I show you few options to prepare sandwich.

OPTION 1: Dumpling Gadget

This is a new gadget for me, just bought last weekend. Instead of using the common sandwich cutter (common as in to all bento mama), you can use this cool little dumpling gadget. I think pictures below has clearly explained how it is used to make "egg dumpling". Isn't the outcome out of the blue? It's unexpectedly cute and the size is just nice for Isaac.

OPTION 2: All in One Triangular Sandwich Cutter

I call this "All in One" cutter as the sealer and cutter are in in one. After putting the filling, just turn the cutter to the other side, press hard and the bread will be sealed at cut at one time. It's it cool? If you can find bigger bread that can make two sandwiches would be better, so that no waste of food.

OPTION 3: Square Sandwich Cutter

This is my first sandwich cutter. At first find it useful, but after few times getting not in good shape bread, I think this cutter is slightly too big. The sandwich cannot be sealed properly, I have actually keep it aside. But today took it out just to snap some photos for you (wah... like very sacrifice... kekekek).

So, which sandwich you perfer? The three egg dumpling I packed into Isaac's bento, the other two for me & my hubby.

Jul 8, 2010

Bento #200 - Stenciled Bear

Try to prepare something simple today, hence I made use of my bear stencil which has been sittine in the box doing nothing since bought (v.v). I put the stencil on top of a egg steam cake, sprinkled some Milo (cocoa powder) then remove the stencil. A simple but happy bento (^.^)....

Jul 7, 2010

Bento #199 - Urgly Hippopotamus

Wonder if you can recognize this is an hippo? What causes the hippo looks urgly? The nose? The teeth? Or shape? Hmm..... (~_~) I tried to put some flower picks to make the bento looks nicer. Does it help?

Jul 5, 2010

Bento #198 - A Married Couple from Pond

Went RT Cake House to buy chiffon cake yesterday noon after Isaac's dance performance at MIECC The Mines. Well, all the chiffon cakes were completely sold out. I can't go home empty-handed as the journey to Taman Desa took me about 20 minutes for a round trip. Isaac picked a pandan layer cake from the fridge.

I cut a small thin piece of the pandan layer cake for Isaac last night and he loves it so much, asked me to give him a bigger slice today. Tell you quietly, my boy first time eat pandan layer cake...kekekeke... Green, what can I do with the green layer? Froggie is the best, simple and quick. I cut out the top layer of the pandan cake, use a bear shape cutter to cut two frogs. I packed some golden kiwi into the bento box too. This expensive fruit, now selling in market at price of four for RM10 (!_!)


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