Aug 19, 2010

Aug 18, 2010

Bento #215 - Hawaiian Dancing Couples

I bought a pack of blueberries last week. It's our first time testing blueberry and we don like it unfortunately. Not to waste it, I baked blueberry muffin late night yesterday. My neightbour must be wondering why there is cake smell middle of the night (^.^)

This morning I decorate the mini muffins into Hawaiian Dancing couples wearing flower headring. Isaac requested orange last night, so Fruit of The Day is orange.

Oh yeah, it's Wednesday, don't forget to join Shannon's "What's for Lunch Wednesday". I have added this post to Week 12 fun.

Close look of the Blueberry Mini Muffin.

Aug 16, 2010

Bento #214 - Tuna Pocket Sammies

Do you know what is the biggest reward I got from bento blogging? It's ENCOURAGEMENT which I need it so much. From who the encouragement? From a gang of bento mamas. No matter how bad-looking is your bento, without stingy, they give you sweet words and you have no reason to stop bento-ing. THANKS BENTO MAMAS!! Thanks for your lovely comments, they do make move on.

Today bento, the protagonist is again the chuncky sausage, I wanted to turn it into a panda. Panda used to be one of my favourite character to fix as it is pretty easy. I so confidence with myself, therefore I fixed the panda without refering to anything (normally I will refer to food picks). Here is the result I got. I think I forgot how panda should look like, the panda end up looks like mice.... kekekekeke.... (~.~)

Aug 11, 2010

Bento # 213 - Mummy Rabbit and Her Two Kids

Always, there is discrepancy in what we imagine and what we get. I imagine the egg would be perfect to fixed as a bunny but it turns out odd. Maybe I am good in imagination.... kekekeke... Anyway, the failure will not cause me to give up, let me try to make a better one some day (^.^)

Aug 10, 2010

Living Arts 4th Biennial Dance Showcase

Every Tuesday is Bento Off Day declared by Prince Isaac Mah specifically to me (^.^) He gives me this special off day chiefly because his school prepares sausage bread for the kids every Tuesday. Anyway, so sweet of him and I am happy to have that off day, at least I can slack off and have relaxing breakfast with my hubby.

Since "bento free" today, let me share some photos of Isaac's dance performance on last Sunday. On that morning, all the dancers are required to have one round of rehearsal in Palm Square, Jaya One. We gathered there at 10am but the rehearsal was delayed for about half an hour.

This is the venue of the dance showcase. It's an open floor area between Starbucks and Brussels Beer Cafe.

I managed to catch Isaac for a photograph before he starts sweating. He walked around that area while waiting for the rehersal to start.

The teacher and children hanging around while waiting for some unpunctual parents.
Wonder what Isaac whisper with his street jam member, Bryan?

On the left is Little Dancers and on the right is Kids Street Jam. Isaac is taking these two classes, therefore he is performing for both dance. The stage is too narrow, Teacher Teresa has to rearrange them and do some minor steps change last minutes. Hope the kids can remember the changes.

The little dancers sitting down on the floor, waiting for thier dance to be called.

Teacher Teresa watching the dance from side.

I am totally out from hairdo, I do not know how to gel Isaac's hair so that he looks cool. I borrow hair spay, hair form, hair wax and even hair gel from my sister and trying very hard to come out a nice hairstyle for Isaac a day before. Luckily I give a try, if not, I will surely panic on that day. The hairdo I did totally cannot walk out from the room. So, I decided to give the job to hair stylist.

The hairdo is superb compare with the one I have done yesterday. I am glad that I made the right decision. Isaac looked cool when he walked out from the saloon. But I know Isaac did not like the hairstyle, I can't see any joy on his face. If he likes it, he will normally keep looking at mirror and post abit.

However, after I brought him to the waiting area (a Japanese restaurant in 1st level), he starts to love his hairstyle as everyone said the hairstyle is bravo and he looked like Korean star. Then he started to worry his hair will out of style when he sweat. Kekekeke......

Took a photo in the Japanese restaurant. This glittering costume is for
Litter Dancer 'Rock n Roll' show.

Sweat alot after 'Rock n Roll' performance.
This retro costume is for Street Jam 'I Want To Go Crazy' show.
He took off the jacket right after the show because his dancing cell is boiling until maximum in his body.

What a coincident, 'Rock n Roll' was the first kids dance and 'I Want To Go Crazy' was the last. He missed out all performances by other kids. See, his gang were watching from first level, outside the restaurant.

After the kids performances was the instructors' showcase. Isaac and his gang were enthralled by the performances.

~~ Dance Performances by Kids and Teenagers~~

~~ Intructors' Showcase and Adult Performances~~

All dancers were happy to receive Certificate of Participation. They have a group photograph after the kids performances. Most of them stayed back for adults and intructors performances, but some left because kids were too tired.

After the show, we walked around Jaya One to look for restaurant. We stopped our feet at Tappers, a restaurant serving western food. Isaac asked for Fish n Chips and his daddy ordered Hainanese Chicken Chop.

**Teng Teng** This is my prize - The Simpsons Pasta. I got it from Cold Storage inside Jaya One. Isn't it cute? These FUN PASTA shapes are 100% Organic and contain no artificial colours or preservatives. Full of natural goodness they are an excellent source of energy for growing children.

We leave Jaya One around 8:30PM. On the way back, our topic still on the showcase. Isaac said, in future, any performance, he wants to go that saloon for hair do again...(o_O)


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