Sep 30, 2009

Sep 25, 2009

终于等到了~ 第二辑:《孩子》脸谱作品集

这妈咪还真的很 Blur 叻!小王子照片被登在- 第二辑:《孩子》脸谱作品集还不懂,直到朋友通知才发现 ^@^ 还以为照片落选了,因为迟迟都没收到通知信... 咔咔咔!!!


Bento #83 - Dragonfly

Some tomato sauce in mini banana & strawberry sauce container.

Sep 24, 2009

Bento #82 - Sardin Roll

Still have some sardin left over from dinner yesterday, so this morning I packed Isaac a sardin roll. I cut a cloud and a bird from cheese then added smily face on it. Put some sardin on the bread and rolled it, then placed the cheese on the bread and wrapped it with cling wrap to hold the shape. Simple right? (^_^)

Sep 23, 2009

Bento #81 - Mr. Simpson

Looking at bento today, I have a kind of self satisfaction. I love this bento!

One day when I was folding clothes, Simpson on Isaac's t-shirt came into my eyes. I have sudden inspiration to fix Isaac a Simpson bento. I better fix this bento ASAP when I am still in high spirit.

I took out Isaac's Simpson shirt and drafted it out on a piece of paper, then make sure it can fit into one slice of cheese. Put a sheet of nori underneath the drawing, use a sharp knife and cut according to the line.

Place the nori on a slice of cheese, preferable orange colour cheese as Simpson should be in that colour. I did this a night before as it is time consuming. I wrapped the cheese and store it in the fridge in air tight container.

This morning, I cut the cheese by following the line. It is very much easier to cut cheese compare with nori. I used Shinkansen bento box as the bread cutter, so that the bread can fit nicely into the bento box.

I spreaded some fruit jam on the bread, then place Simpson on top of the bread. Eyes were cut from seapack. It looks plain, thus I added Simpson's name using light cheese.

Sep 19, 2009

Fun with Bento Making

Last two days my little prince was suffering from fever and diarrhea, so he has his Raya holiday started one day earlier.

Today, my nieces spent thier morning at my house. They so envy Isaac has different bento everyday, keep pleading me to prepare bento for them. I decided to let them have fun with bento making.

I get ready hard boiled eggs, then got them involved in ingredient preparation. It is not surprise that kids do not know how to remove egg shell, especially those kids with "Kakak" at home. I gave each of them an egg, asked them to remove the shell then let them mixed the eggs with seapack and mayonnaise. I took out my brand-new sandwich cutter, Mickey & Minnie stamp and and also alphabet cutters.

I assisted them in getting the sandwich sealed properly, then they decorate thier own sandwich... From the picture, you can see they were so concentrate and enjoy bento making very much. Fun part was, they shown strong interest on the picks I have, only Isaac's sandwich has least picks on it (^_^).

After 30min hard work, they have thier product "out from oven". You vote for which bento? Who is the Bento Winner of the Day?

Top Left: Samantha's Bento; Top Right: Charmaine's Bento
Bottom Left: Charlene's Bento; Bottom Right: Isaac's Bento

The two elder follow my sister after that, left the two younger kids with me. I fixed both of them another bento for lunch, a simple one to cheer them up as they looked sad can't go with my sister. This is also my first time using rice mould. Again you can see, the bento is fulled of picks... kekeke... Can you guess which one is Isaac's bento? Yeah... he loves sword!

Charlene's Hello Kitty Bento & Isaac's Triangular Man Bento

Sep 16, 2009

Bento #80 - Fish Balls

I still haven’t fully play around with the “Quail Egg Cutter”, quail egg is high in cholesterol, it’s not healthy to consume too much of it. I bought some fish ball yesterday, thought to place quail egg with it. It seems the cutter doesn’t really suitable for fish ball due to fish ball “Q” texture. Besides, the fish ball I bought is hand made, so the shape is not perfectly round, lots of free hand works need to be done on it. Next, I will try on sausage, it should be better than fish ball I guess (O_^).

Sep 15, 2009

Bento #79 - Again, Little Panda

I made little panda again @_@, just can't stop falling in love with Panda! But this time, I use "Charcoal Bread" instead of nori. My first time buying this bread. Isaac actually didn't want it, but I told him it would be perfect to fix koala bear using this bread, then only he nodded his head.

Isaac asked me to fix him a panda if there is balance. I do not have koala cutter and didn't have time to draft a koala out. Thus, this morning I only fixed him panda. When he looked at the bento, he said he asked me to fix him panda only if there is balance @_@ ....

Two more Picks!

I have been looking for this ribbon, crown & hat picks for many months and finally yesterday I saw it in 100Yen shop again, new stock finally arrived after so long (@_@). Last time when I saw these picks, I was new to bento making. That time thought ribbon is not suitable for boy, so didn't grab one. When I realized I can actually make use of the crown & hat pick (ribbon also if I want to make one couple), then it is out of stock (T_T). The pick is pretty useful, you can just simply insert it into the animal head and the animal will definately looks much more attractive.

Sep 14, 2009

Bento #78 - Snow Man

Christmas still far from now, but I fixed Isaac two snowman in advance as he is not going to kindy in December, it is a long school holiday. But it would be more appropriate if fix him this bento somewhere in November... (*o*).

The moment Isaac saw his bento, he said to me: "Wah, Mummy, the bento is really nice. I love quail egg and can smell it once I open it...". Kekeke... cute little boy (^_^)

This is how I placed the snowman before closing the bento.

Close look of the snowman, are they lovely?


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