Oct 26, 2008

Picnic at Waterfall

Each time reading 'The Nature' book, I can only tell Isaac what is waterfall, how it looks like. Althought he nodded, but I believe that he cannot imagine. I have the thought to bring Isaac to waterfall, it is better to see for oneself rather than to hear for many times, agree? So I list 'Picnic at Waterfall' as one of my outing activity. A cheap family activity yet everyone enjoy, why not right?

If you wish to get closer to the nature, understand the nature, talk to the nature, waterfall is always an idea place. It is claimed as the place which has the highest natural ionizer.

After a family discussion, we decided to go Rawang waterfall instead of Ulu Yam. How lucky we are, the weather was just nice for outing, with the sun shinning up in the sky. Attached photos can tell how fun was it. Everyone enjoy the outing. Thanks YiYi for recommanding such good place.

There is another waterfall up there where most of the people will not go as need to walk a distance. Luckily we have 'Storm' to bring us up. To get down to the waterfall, we need a rope, and Ah Chiung (Uncle) has everything prepared. Such an adventure outing :P The place is shaded by trees and we occupied the whole area.

Everyone was hungry when think of Kakak's speciality - fried meehoon and YiYi's fried chicken. Besides, we have nuggets, sausages, sandwiches and ribena.

Reading newspaper with fresh air blowing on the face is so relaxing. Kids have fun building sand castle.

Isaac enjoy riding on the float.

The water splashed on our body, is like a nature jacuzzi.

Ohh... Ah Siang GuGu knows how to enjoy the nature so much. He took a short nap!!!!


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