Jan 29, 2010

Bento #141 - Koala Bears

Yerterday I went to RT House to get a Tiramisu birthday cake for my eldest brother, I also bought a sesame chiffon cake as breakfast for today. At first thought of fixing a Mickey and Minnie bento for Isaac, but with the colour of the chiffon, I think is a good idea to fix a koala bear instead.

I only spent about 15 minutes to prepare this bento, it is considered speedy bento to me. I have about half an hour to kill before dressing up, so I did some dishwashing, which I will normally do after work (^@^).

Jan 28, 2010

Bento #140 - Halloween Avatar

Halloween Day 2009 had over and it's still far to reach Halloween 2010, why am I fixing this theme at this time? Seems like not the right time ahh? (@.@)

In the bento: bread with blueberry jam and cheese sausages. I spent too much time on cutting the nori freehand, thus no time to cut some fruit (X_X).

Jan 27, 2010

Bento #139 - The Lion King

That day swam to Susan Yuen's house (blog) and saw her bought a nested triangular box and then fixed her kids a Lion Cub Bento. The lion cub was so cute until I can't wait to fix one for my boy.

Today I did snap some photos on how I prepared the sandwich.

  1. Prepare two slices of bread, egg with mayonnaise and a triangular rice mould. I used small rice mould for Isaac.
  2. Put some mayo egg in between 2 breads, use the rice mould to cut out a triangular sandwich.
  3. The mayo egg is sealed nicely.
  4. Cut the lion head and nose from cheese. I use two different cheese in this case so that the nose can be obviously seen.
  5. Stack the cheese on top of the sandwich. Cut the face features from nori.

~~ Task accomplished !! ~~

The food cup is just nice to serve as the lion mane. Besides, its colour matches with cheese (@.@)

Jan 26, 2010

Bento #138 - Sesame Street の Bert

Three weeks ago, I fixed a bento which looked like Bert but not Bert. I am not satisfied with it, thus fixed another Bert bento today. I think it looks very much like Bert this time (@.^).

I prepared two Bert, one is from bread and the other one from quail egg. I also packed half golden kiwi into the bento box. I wanted to fix an Elmo for Isaac too, but I worry that he can't finish it. To avoid food waste, I keep the idea for next time.

Jan 25, 2010

Bento #137 - Tuna Bread

This is my first time prepared tuna bread for Isaac, not sure whether he will likes it. I cut the bread into star shape, put it in muffin tray, then put some tuna on the bread and top with some cheese and mayonnaise. Finally toast it in oven for few minutes.

I put the bread in muffin tray so that it will bend upward, just like a cup. For Isaac, I used small star cutter so that the portion is just nice for him. Whereas for hubby and myself, I used bigger cutter. The cup is more obvious using big cutter. I was in hurry this morning and forgot to snap some photos on how I prepared them.

Jan 21, 2010

Bento #136 - Something Simple ...

These few days I did pack some simple bento for Isaac, but it's too simple until I feel embarrased to post it (@.@) Today is another simple bento, but I decided to post it as my hand is itchy and I feel sick for not blogging for few days. Hei, now if I don't blog for couple of days, I have the feeling like few days didn't communicate with bento mamas... weird.... (O.o)

I have finally stocked up my fridge, I did a quick grocery shopping during lunch and bought some golden kiwi, cheese sausage and nuggets (requested by Isaac for quite some time already). So bento today I packed a whole golden kiwi, two cheese sausages and a pandan tambun biscuit.

Jan 15, 2010

Bento #135 - Egg Sheet vs Scramble Egg

I wanted to pan fry an egg sheet with pictures in it. I cut some bears from ham and pan fried them. I added egg mixture into the pan when the ham was half cooked. When I tried to turn over the egg sheet, ops... it stuck to the pan. I tried and tried, end up, it became scramble egg (@_T).... Aii, maybe I need to put more oil next time. Anyway, good try... kekekekeeeeee.

~~ I Love Your Blog Award ~~

My day was brighten up by Lia Chen when she notified me that she has another award "I Love Your Blog" for me. I feel very honoured to receive this award from her, honestly!

THANKS Lia, thanks for bestow an honour on me!!

~~ Happy 101 ~~

Many THANKS to Lia Chen for passing me this award, it means so much to me. Bentolicious operates by Lia Chen giving the guests a very comfortable feel, you will simply want stay longer in there. If you wish to get some tips of bento-ing, Bentolicious is definately a good choice. Besides, you will be amazed by all her bento tools collections, she has numerous of food picks, egg & rice moulds, sauce containers and bento books (as far as I know). Check out this great blog, I am sure you will love it too (^o^).

Upon receiving this award, few things I ought to do:
@@ Copy the award image into a post
@@ List 10 things that make me happy
@@ Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day, put in a link to their blog & notify the award receivers
@@ I should link back to the sender's blog.

I have deep thought on 10 things that make me happy, at the time being, they are:

1. Have a man who loves me and spends his life with me
2. Have a thoughtful and endearing son
3. When Isaac is happy
4. When 3 of us hug together
5. Clean up my Home Sweet Home
6. Afternoon nap during weekend
7. Travelling with my family (must have hubby and Isaac along)
8. All about bento - prepare bento, shop for bento gadgets, reading bento blogs...
9. Receive comments and awards from bento mama
10. Bonus and increment ($_$)

I would like to pass this award to:
仪仪妈咪 ; Lian Mama ; shoppingmum ; 咸 媽 咪 ; Leanne ; 小薰妈 ; mushima hawani

I wish to pass the award to Rachel, , The Kitchen 70's and tatabonita~Bonito's Cooking Wonderland, but they have this award received, I am so sorry I break the rules (T_T)...

Jan 14, 2010

Bento #134 - Sakura Blossom

While choosing which photos to upload this morning, then only I found out I forgot to decorate bento today (at least some picks and barrens). Look at the bento, I should name it as Light Yellow Bento! I wish I can get back the bento from Isaac then send it back to kindy again after some decoration. What a blur day (>.<).....

Jan 13, 2010

Bento #133 - Pussy Cat

Actually I intented to fix rabbit bento for Isaac, but last minute changed mind, fixed cat bento instead. The bento is pretty quick to prepare, just took me about 20minutes. I packed apple into the bento, the only fruit I have. Isaac asked for golden kiwi and persimmon, it's time to do some groceries shopping....

Jan 12, 2010

Bento #132 - Bread Off Day !!

I am a typical Malaysian, easily get bored with bread for breakfast. I can only accept bread on weekday but not weekend, so my breakfast on weekend will normally be noodle, nasi lemak, roti canai etc. Still remember when I was in Netherland, I ate bread for breakfast and lunch. You can actually make sandwiches with different fillings everyday and even every meal, as they served variety of cheeses, hams, fruits and veges. But I started to miss Malaysian food after few days of bread meals(@_@).

I am sure Isaac also get bored with bread. Ever since last year end school holiday, I only fixed him bento with bread. I decided to get rid of bread today (^_^), so I cooked animal pasta for Isaac. That pasta was given by my colleague, I have been looking for cute pasta for quite some time. Unlike western countries, it's not easy to find cute pasta in KL. If you are also looking for cute pasta, maybe you can go to the grocery shop in Pavilion. I just got a pack of Pokemon pasta few weeks ago.

I didn't decorate the pasta as I know Isaac will have not enough time to finish it up. But, the main reason is, I do not have idea how to decorate it (^@^).

Jan 11, 2010

Bento #131 - Love Bento

When I set my phone alarm clock to ring at 6:45am? Ohh yeah, now only I remember, last Thursday I went karaoke with colleagues until late night, so I adjusted the alarm clock to ring slightly late than usual. Aii... again, Monday blur (@.@)

The time I have only allows me to prepare something simple. The bread is spreaded with some jam, then some heard shape ham on top. I packed a mini tangerine and half apple that is also cut into heart shape into the bento.

I have difficulty to give a name to my daily bento. Some bento Mamas are really creative, they not only fix nice bento, but also give a nice name to it. I have rack my brain to fix the daily bento, no more left to think about the name... kekekeke (^_^).

Jan 7, 2010

Bento #130 - Girl in Tiger Costume

Have to thanks shoppingmum for sharing her idea. She fixed two "Tiger Kids Bento" for her kids which is really nice and cute. I have the urge to fix one for Isaac, so better make it while I am still in the hot mood (n_n) .... If you realize, the tiger costume is fixed according to the pick next to the quail egg ....

Jan 6, 2010

Bento #129 - Merry Andrew or Bert?

Is the man in the bento look like clown or a Sesame Street character - Bert? Neither Merry andrew nor Bert! Buffoon should have big eyes and big red mouth, whereas Bert should also have big eyes and a wrinkle on his forehead (>_<).

Jan 5, 2010

Bento #128 - Apple Bento

Today I only packed half apple and some chestnuts for Isaac as I couldn't dig myself up when the alarm clock rang. Thank god, rashes on Isaac's body has gone down. Hopefully I can get back my vigour and fix something nicer for him tomorrow (^.^).

Jan 4, 2010

Bento #127 - 1st Simple Bento in Year 2010

Happy New Year to Everyone!

This is 1st bento in Year 2010, I should fix something special or at least something nicer but I did not. My boy was suffering from rashes last night and it was a sleepless night for three of us.

Isaac has allergy since baby, he was allergic to cow milk, chlorine and seaweed as far as I know, but was getting better with every passing years. In my memories, his last allergic reaction was at the age of 1+.

I thought it was mosquito bite, so in the gloom, I applied some ointment on the rashes. Normally he will continue his dream after that but not for yesterday. I on all the lights at 1AM intended to kill the mosquito(s). Hubby hitched up Isaac's pants, then only we realized it was rashes.

I do not want Isaac to absent on 1st day of school, I am very sure that allegy will not spread, so I sent him to kindy as usual. I went back to see him during lunch hour. Seems like the rashes are getting worse. The paedeatric Isaac used to visit will only reopen in the evening, no choice, he has to suffer for few more hours.

Doctor confirmed those are rashes and is caused by allegy, but do not know the root cause of it. Hope the allegy medicine can comfort him (^_^).

That's the whole story why I just fixed something simple today....


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